What Is Paint Thinner And How Much Is It In Nigeria?:2023 Price List

When it gets to the house painting stage during house construction, many of us are only familiar with paints and paint primers. But these are just some of the painting materials you need to paint your new completed building. A thinner is essential. 

The paint thinner is a solvent liquid that helps painters remove paint from a wall surface or painting tools or even thin paint. So, it’s an essential painting material you must get if you desire a well-finished painting job. 

Now that you understand what paint thinners are and why you need them during your building project, the next thing is finding out how much you can buy this material in Nigeria. To help you figure that out, we have conducted a market survey and gathered the current market price of paint thinners in Nigeria.

To know more about how much you’ll get paint thinners in Nigeria in 2023, keep scrolling below to learn more about the price and paint thinners.

Prices Of Paint Thinners In Nigeria: 2023 Price List

If you are looking for a material that will enable you to do a neat painting job like removing stains, thinning paint, or a paint primer, then thinners are your go-to material. Below are the various types of thinners in the market and how much they cost.

Types Of Paint ThinnerPrice (₦)
Thinner 10 – Stoving Thinner (4 Litres)7,526
Thinner 109 – Lignolac Polyurethane Thinner  (4 Litres)7,829 
Thinner 11 –ANAMMCQ Thinner (4 Litres)7,986
Thinner 12 –Etch Primer Thinner (4 Litres) 8,856
Thinner 14 – Cellulose Thinner (200 Litres)388,700
Thinner 14 – Cellulose Thinner (4 Litres) 7,852
Thinner 1950 –Alkyd Thinner (4 Litres)6,327
Thinner 2 – General Purpose Thinner (4 Litres)6,899
Thinner 2950 –Chlo-Rubber Thinner (4 Litres)7,646
Thinner 37 – Cellulose Retarder 94 Litres)9,876
Thinner 4700 –Acrylic PU Thinner (4 Litres)3,284
Thinner 5 –Road Marking Thinner (4 Litres)8,284
Thinner 52 (200 Litres)462,244
Thinner 6 –QD Thinner (4 Litres)7,998
Thinner 6950 – Epoxy Thinner (4 Litres)9,058
Thinner 76 –Autolux Thinner (4 Litres)8,196
Thinner 7950 –Acrylic PU Thinner (4 Litres)13,379

Safety Tips For Applying Paint Thinner

When you are applying thinners during painting, there are safety measures you must apply. We have listed all the most important safety tips to observe while using paint thinners.

  • Don’t forget to wear the right PPE when working with thinners. The PPE should include gloves, respirators, and googles for protection.
  • Ensure paint thinners are carefully stored in open places and their containers covered tightly.
  • Avoid working with paint thinners in an enclosed environment. 
  • Ensure there’s always a fire extinguisher when working with paint thinners.


Paint thinners help you achieve neat and proper paint work. However, you must observe the safety features to avoid construction hazards that could lead to new issues at the site. 

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