Tips For Choosing The Best Tiles In Nigeria And Every Other Thing You Should Know

There are various things to consider when buying tiles for your new home in Nigeria. Knowing some of these things will save you the stress of making mistakes and wasting money.

So, before you make that decision to go after buying that tiles for your home in Nigeria, here are things you need to know. Keep reading below to find out more.

Tips For Buying Tiles In The Nigerian Market

First and foremost, note that all these tiles have advantages and disadvantages. Conduct a thorough research about any tiles before you buy them. For instance, know the exact tiles that’ll suit a home from the ones that will suit an office. Also, avoid using bathroom or toilet tiles in your living room. 

Apart from that, here are other things you should know when buying tiles in Nigeria today.

  • Add extra tiles to the tiles you need for your home construction project.
  • Know the hardness of the tiles you are buying
  • Look out for tiles that easily fade and avoid buying them
  • Go for tiles that are not slippery
  • Go for porcelain tiles they fit everything
  • Go for tiles with brighter colors; it makes a space look bigger
  • Choose ceramics word tiles instead of hardwood tiles
  • For extra quality, go for stone tiles

Things To Consider When You’re Buying A Tile In Nigeria

How Much Are Floor Tiles In Nigeria
How Much Are Floor Tiles In Nigeria

You have to think about many things before you decide to buy tiles in Nigeria. Here are some of the most important things you’ll have to do:

  1. Know Your Budget

Every purchase in Nigeria requires you to know your budget because it helps you decide what you can afford. Choose tiles that fall within that budget to avoid going overboard. However, make sure you’re not settling for quality within your budget.

  1. Where You Need The Tiles

There are tiles for different areas of the home. So, know if you need tiles in your room, living room, bathroom, toilet, or office. All these areas of the house have tiles that suit them.

  1. What Tile Design Do You Want?

Before buying tiles, verify what type of tile design you want in the space. The truth is there are limited options in the market, and you can easily get confused. But knowing exactly what design you want helps you make a better decision.

Advantages Of Buying Floor Tiles 

How Much Are Building Materials
How Much Are Building Materials

Floor tiles are seriously pushing cement floors out. Now, everyone wants a floor tile in their space. Here are reasosn why you should get a floor tile in your house, shop or office.

  • It helps to improve the appearance of the floor’s surface
  • The improve the old look of the floor surface
  • It prevents rodents from moving freely in the house
  • Floor tiles also reduce the contamination of dust particles
  • Tiles help the building floor to look suitable for living


Are you in the market for a new floor tile? The above tips and factors will help you make a smarter buying decision when you entered the market. Always remember that while tiles improve the look of a space, there are tiles that belong to different areas in the home and office.

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