Sheet Glass Prices in Nigeria 2023: An Overview of the Factors That Influence Cost and Quality

Sheet Glasses are another essential material for home construction. Although they are not used in building a home, they are used by those in the construction industry to build items used in the home. Sheet glasses are used to construct window louvers and kitchen units and show glasses installed in certain home areas.

Before buying sheet glasses in the market, you have to consider the number of glasses required during construction. Another thing you’ll have to determine is the price of each sheet glasses. Below, you’ll find out the types of sheet glasses, their prices, pros and cons of using sheet glasses.

Prices Of Sheet Glasses In Nigeria.

What you’re using the sheet glasses for will determine your buying quantity. Below is the current price list to guide you when estimating prices.

Sheet Glasses TypesCurrent Price in Nigeria
36 by 36 per piece (water-based) sheet glass 8,600 – 10,000 Naira
24 by 26 per piece (5 millimeters) sheet glass 7,500 – 8,200 Naira
36 by 36 per piece regular sheet glass 7,000 – 7,900 Naira
24 by 36 per piece (3 millimeters) sheet glass6,500 – 6,800

Note: The prices of these sheet glasses are capable of changing in the market. Most times, it results from the vendor you’re buying them from. So, use them as buying guides when you enter the market.

Pros Of Using Sheet Glasses In The Home

What are the benefits of using sheet glasses in constructing home items? They have been used for many years, and to date, they are still used for louvers and building other home items. Below are the reasons why many keep buying and using them.

  • Transparency

Because of how transparent sheet glasses are, it makes it easy to see through what’s contained inside the object they are used on. For instance, using sheet glasses on your window makes it easier to see outside without opening it. They also bring natural light into the house.

  • Waterproof & Dustproof

Because of its glossy surface, it catches dust and can be cleaned easily. Also, water cannot penetrate through the sheet glass, and the water used to clean the glass does not affect the glass in any way.

  • Aesthetics

The home looks more beautiful when sheet glass is used for the windows, doors, and even the unbreakable sheet glass used as home walls. They make a place look airy, and spacious and attract natural light that enhances the look of a home.

  • Recyclable

Being a recyclable material means that the sheet glasses can never be of waste. They can always be reused for something else. It is not only cost-effective but also helps to protect the environment we live in.

Cons of Using Sheet Glasses In The Home

As sheet glasses have pros, so do they have cons as well. What could be the cons of using sheet glasses for home construction projects?

  • Easily Breakable

Sheet glasses, especially the breakable ones, can easily break when used in building home items. So, having objects in your home made with sheet glasses means you must always be extra careful with them.

  • Expensive

The manufacturing of sheet glass is quite expensive due to the material used. When  you use it for any item in your home building project, just know it’ll cost you more.


The above price list will help you when you are buying sheet glasses for home construction projects. Also, know the pros and cons of using this item in the home, and if they are things you can stand.

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