How Much Is White Cement In Nigeria?: Current 2023 Price List

Another type of cement popular during construction in Nigeria is white cement. Most builders refer to it as POP cement. It is mainly used as finishing for building projects. It serves majorly as decoration. The demand for this cement continues to increase as more builders learn about its beautiful work.

This type of colored cement comes in other colors like red, yellow, and green, and they are mostly used as finishing after tiling the floor. Below is a price list of how much you’ll get this cement in Nigeria today.

Uses of White Cement In Nigeria

White cement is a type of cement that is manufactured with low levels of iron and other minerals, which gives it a white color. It is mainly used for decorative purposes due to its aesthetic appeal, but it also has some functional uses. Here are some common uses of white cement in Nigeria:

  1. Decorative purposes: White cement is often used to create decorative finishes on walls, floors, and ceilings. It can be used to create a smooth, polished finish or to add texture and patterns to surfaces.
  2. Tile fixing: White cement is also used in tile fixing. It can be used as an adhesive to fix tiles to walls and floors, and can also be used as a grout to fill the gaps between tiles.
  3. Sculpture: Due to its smooth texture, white cement is often used by artists to create sculptures and other art forms. It can be easily molded into different shapes and can be painted or stained to create different colors and effects.
  4. Precast concrete: White cement is also used in the manufacture of precast concrete products such as decorative panels, balusters, and columns. The white color of the cement can give these products an elegant and luxurious look.
  5. Swimming pool construction: White cement is also commonly used in the construction of swimming pools. It can be used to create a smooth, waterproof finish on the interior of the pool.

White cement is used mainly for decorative purposes due to its aesthetic appeal, but it also has some functional uses in construction and manufacturing.

Current Market Prices Of White Cements In Nigeria

Below is the price of various types of white cement in the market. It comes in various sizes, and the sizes determine the market price.

White Cements Price In Nigeria
Small bag of white cement (5kg)1,500 – 2,500
Super white cement (25kg)7,500 – 9,000
High-quality white cement (40kg)12,000 – 18,000
POP cement (40kg)5,500 – 6,000

Note: Many factors impact the price of white cement in Nigeria. These factors include package size, brand, product quality, and location. Just like there’s a slight difference in regular cement prices from different brands, so is it with white cement.

Important Things You Need To Know About Buying White Cement In Nigeria

There are things you need to know about white cement before buying them for your building project. They include

  • It’s not as strong as ordinary cement because the ingredients that give ordinary cement strength have been removed from white cement
  • It is not used for building but rather for decoration
  • It is mostly used for POP casts, and that’s why it’s called POP cement
  • Only buy the quantity you need at a time because it spoils easily when exposed to air


The prices above are what you’ll buy white cement for in Nigeria today. Also, note the important things you must know before buying this type of cement.

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