How Much Is The Cost Of Plastering A Fence In Nigeria In 2023

Apart from plastering the exterior and interior of the house or building structure, another plastering cost that will be looked into is the cost of plastering the fence. The fence of a building must be plaster so that the blocks are protected from exposure to rain and direct sunlight. 

To cover a fence with plaster, the required thickness of the cement plaster is 15mm. Now, here’s how to estimate the cost of plastering a fence:

  • Height of wall = 2m
  • Thickness of plaster = 15mm
  • Dimensions of plot = 100ft by 60ft (30.48m by 18.22m)
  • Gate: 12ft or 3.65m

Cost Breakdown For Plastering A Fence In Nigeria

This estimate will be made assuming the cost of a bag of cement is 4,200. Now, let’s carry on and break down the cost. 

Here, for a fence with a little opening for the gate, the cost of cement will have to be deducted. The first thing is to find out how many partitions make up an entire wall to plaster.

Note that: 1 partition equals 12 feet in length

As such, one bag of cement covers about 2.5 partitions. The mix ratio for the fence is usually 1:12 (i.e 1 bag of cement for eight head pan of sharp sand and 4 head pan of mix mud or clay sand.)

How Many Partitions Make Up Each Wall?

So, for a 12 feet length partitioning, we will have to divide 100ft by 12, resulting in 8.3 partitions on each side of 100ft.

But with two sides measuring 100ft, we get a total of 200ft divided by 12ft, which results in 16.66 partitions.

Here’s the rundown:

  • 8.3 partition on 100ft side= 16.66 (for a partition that’s 12 feet)
  • 5 partitions on 600ft side – 10 partitions (for a partition that’s 12 feet)
  • Total partitions to be plastered = 26.6 or 27 partitions.
  • One partition will be deducted since the gate is 12 feet long, which leaves the partitions at 26. 

Now, if one worker charge 2,500 per partition, the cost for plastering a fence of 26 partitions = 2,500 x 26 partitions = 65,000.

Number Of Bags Of Cement

1 bag covers 2.5 partitions for a 15mm thickness level. So, if 1 bag of cement can cover 2.5 partitions, the result is 26 divided by 2.5.

26/2.5 = 10.4 or 11 bags of cement.

Sand Needed For Fence Plastering

A 1:12 mix ratio will require 1 trip of mix-mud, which costs 25,000, and 1 trip of sharp sand, which costs 35,000.

Material Needed Cost Breakdown

Below is the breakdown of materials that’ll be needed during fence plastering:

  • 11 Bags of cement (4,200 per bag) – ₦46,200
  • 1 Trip of mixed mud =₦20,000
  • 1 trip of sharp sand = ₦35,000 
  • 26 partitions (2,500 per partition) ₦65,000
  • Miscellaneous ₦20,000 (Nails, Plank, Boards & Drums, etc.)
  • Helper (3,500 per helper) ₦3,500 daily

Total = ₦189,000 


Based on the estimate above, it will cost you about ₦200,000 to plaster an entire fence of 100ft by 60ft. Also, the type of workmen you’re working with will determine how well the products you bought on budget will be managed.

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