How Much Is The Cost Of Plastering 1 Square Meter Wall In Nigeria?

Plastering is one of the necessary building costs that have to be factored in when you are building a house. Although this does not come up until the house has been set up, it is still a cost that every home builder must consider before it’s time. 

When it comes to the cost of plastering a house in Nigeria, many things have to be considered. The builder has to consider the cost of cement, sand, and the workmanship of the bricklayer. So, in this article, we share a rundown of how much you’re looking at spending if you are about to embark on the plastering work in your home.

What Is Plastering?

Plastering is the application of mixed cement and sand to a wall surface to achieve an even and smooth wall look. The plastering is not just a protective layer for the wall, it’s equally a decorative layer that covers the uneven block looks. 

Plasters are done to house walls, fences, septic tanks, and on the floor of a compound. Here’s how much it’ll cost to plaster a 1 square meter wall in Nigeria today.

Cost Of Plastering A 1 Square Meter Wall In Nigeria Today

When it comes to plastering, one of the first things you must consider is the materials needed for the project. These raw materials include:

  • Sand
  • Water
  • Cement 

Usually, the bricklayers come with their work equipment. The job of the site owner is to provide the raw materials used.

Plastering Mix Ratio

The most commonly used mixed ratio for plastering in Nigeria is 1:3. Other ratios include 1:1, 1:2, and 1:4. 1:3 simply means 1 part of cement is to be mixed with three parts of plastering sand.

That means there must be six head-pan of plastering sand when mixing a bag of cement (50kg). If the site work is large, it’ll require six head-pan of plastering sand each to mix ten bags of cement. 

Plaster Thickness

This is about how thick the mixed plaster to be applied on the wall is. Most architects specify 12mm – 15mm for residential buildings. For industrial buildings, the thickness of the mixed plaster can be greater than 15 mm.

What Does It Cost To Prepare 1 Cubic Meter Of Cement Plaster

If you’re working with a 15mm plaster thickness and a 1:3 mix ratio, here’s what it will cost to produce one cubic meter of concrete.

It will require 9.36 bags of cement and 1608.73kg of plastering sand (mixed mud).

Cost Requirement For 1 Cubic Meter Of Cement Plaster

Here’s a cost breakdown for plastering 1 square meter wall:

  • Cement – 4,200 per 50kg bag = 39,312
  • Plastering Sand – 4,800 per 1000kg = 7,722
  • Water = 1,000
  • Labor cost (porter) = 10,800 (1,200 per bag)
  • Labor cost (workmen) = 13,500
  • The total cost is 72,334  to plaster a square meter of wall.

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