How Much Is Stone-Coated Roofing Sheets In Nigeria?: Current 2023 Price List

Practically, roofing sheets are one of the most essential building materials that any one setting up a building structure needs. It’s impossible to complete a house project when the project in question has not been roofed. Due to how essential roofing is to building a house, this automatically increases the demand for roofing sheets in Nigeria.

There are different roofing sheet manufacturers in Nigeria, and there are different types of roofing sheets as well. However, this article focuses on a specific type of roofing sheet—Stone-Coated Roofing Sheets

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How Much Is Aluminium Roofing Sheets In Nigeria

In this post, you’ll learn more about the various types of stone-coated roofing sheets and their prices. 

About Stone-Coated Roofing Sheets

Stone-coated roofing sheets is a popular type of roofing sheet in Nigeria. It combines durability with elegance, and is regarded as the most lasting roofing sheet available in the country because it is made of steel and metal sheets. It is coated with chips from stones fixed on the acrylic film to guarantee its strength, reliability, and beauty, and is rust resistant.

This type of roofing sheet is available in various sizes and designs. Interestingly, this type of roofing sheet is more expensive than others. But, investing in this type of roofing sheet pays off and it is completely worth the market price. Below is a price list of the different types of stone-coated roofing sheets in the market.

Design ThicknessPrice/meter
Milano Design0.55mm₦3,900
Classic Design0.55mm₦3,850
Bond Design0.55mm₦3,850
Shingles Design0.55mm₦3,900
Roman  Design0.55mm₦4,000 
Wooden Shake Design0.55mm₦4,100
Romania Design0.55mm₦4,500 -₦ 5,000 

What Are The Advantages Of Buying Stone-Coated Roofing Sheets?

Fibre Britment & Swiss Roofing Sheets
Fibre Britment & Swiss Roofing Sheets

This  type of roofing sheet is quite expensive and will cost you more compared to other types of roofing sheets. But, in the long run, you’ll start to realize its importance. So, instead of settling for other types of roofing sheets that you’ll regret in the future, here are the advantages of the stone-coated roofing sheet to encourage you to buy them instead.

  1. Long-lasting 

One of the major benefits of this roofing sheet is that it’ll outlast the other types of roofing sheet. As it ages, you have nothing to worry about because it maintains its look without showing any signs of wearing off. Buyers of the stone-coated roofing sheet start to appreciate this sheet more when it gets older.

  1. Soundproofed

When it rains, you’ll barely hear the sound of rain dropping on your roof. Why? Because the roofing sheet is soundproofed to the point that it keeps away the noise made by the drop of your on the roof.

  1. Lightweight

Despite the fact it’s soundproofed, it is still lightweight, which makes it an excellent purchase for your home roofing project. Lightweight roofing sheets reduce the burden of load on the building structure. A heavy roofing sheet can affect the roofing structure, which might require another re-roofing project.

  1. Fire & Heat Resistant 

The stone used in making this roofing sheet makes it impossible for the sheet to catch fire. The stone also makes the roofing sheet resistant to heat, this way, the inside of your building does not get unnecessarily hot when the sun beats the roof. If you want something that’ll reduce heat in your home, go for this type of roofing sheet.


In general, stone-coated roofing sheets are the best amongst the best roofing sheets in the market. While it has many advantages, its only disadvantage is that it’s expensive for a budget buyer. However, if you can afford it, it’s better you go for it without second-guessing your decision.

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