How Much Is Fibre Britment & Swiss Roofing Sheets In Nigeria?: Current 2023 Price List

Apart from Aluminum and Stone-coated roofing sheets, Fibre Britment and Swiss roofing sheets are another type of roofing sheet you’ll find in the Nigerian market today. For the Fibre Britment, it is not as popular as it was before. But, it still maintains a level of quality and still has great market value, which means many people still trust and buy it.

The Swiss roofing sheet on the other hand is known for its beauty, class, elegance, and durability. They are not as popular as Aluminum and Stone-coated, but they are still known in the market as one of the most expensive roofing sheets. 

Below, you’ll find out the various types of this roofing sheet and their current Nigerian prices.

Prices Of Fibre Britment & Swiss Roofing Sheets In Nigeria

The prices of these two types of roofing sheets differ. So, you’ll see prices for the types of the  Fibre Britment separate and the price of Swiss roofing sheets separate. 

Price List For Fibre Britment In Nigeria (2023)

How much can you buy a Fibre Britment roofing sheet in Nigeria? Check below to find out how much each type per square metre costs.

Fibre Britment SheetsCurrent Price In Nigeria
Fibre Britment roofing sheets per square meter ₦3,400
Fibre Britment Step-tile roofing sheets per square meter ₦4,900

Price Of Swiss Roofing Sheet In Nigeria

Swiss roofing sheets are known particularly for their elegance and beauty and they are even more expensive than stone-coated roofing sheets. 

Currently, the standard price for a Swiss roofing sheet in Nigeria is between ₦6,000 Naira to ₦9,000.

Important Things To Know Before Buying Roofing Sheet In Nigeria

What are the things every home builder must know before they buy a roofing sheet for their building project in Nigeria? Here are things to keep in mind at all times.

  • Know the woodwork of each type of roofing sheet; they are all different.
  • Stone-coated roofing sheets will cost you more money when it comes to woodwork.
  • Decide on your choice of roofing sheet before it gets to woodwork.
  • The Step-tile Aluminum and Stone-coated roofing sheets are available in various brands and quality levels.
  • Beware of roofing contractors who could quote ridiculous amounts for roofing; always conduct a market survey first and choose trusted and highly-skilled contractors for your roofing project.


The Fibre Britment and Swiss roofing sheets are some of the types of roofing sheets available in Nigeria. Other quality roofing sheets to buy are Aluminum and Stone-coated roofing sheets. 

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