How Much is Concrete & Steel Rods in Nigeria 2023

In the top list of most essential building materials, concrete and steel rods make the top list. Why? Because there is no house without them. It’s upon them that the foundation of any house is laid. Can you lay a foundation without needing concrete and rods? Impossible. The house will crumble without them.

These two essential building materials are among the very first things Nigerian home builders start considering their prices when it comes to building a house. They want to know how much they’ll need, they want to know the best concrete and steel rods that’ll fit their project, and they want to know their Nigerian market prices. 

So, if you are currently in the market to buy building materials like concrete and steel rods, check below to find out how much they are currently being sold in Nigeria.

Price Of Concrete In The Nigerian Market

In Nigeria, seven tons of 1- ¼ inch Gravel is sold for about 33,000 to 37,000 thousand Naira. The price of 20 tons of granite cargo varies. Here is how much you’ll get for each size in the market.

20 Tons Cargo of GraniteCurrent Price In Nigeria
1-inch Granite 85,000 – 90,000
¾ inch Granite100,000 – 120,000 thousand Naira
½ inch Granite120,000 – 150,000 thousand Naira
¼ inch Granite190,000 – 195,000 thousand Naira
Granite stone dust200,000 – 255,000 thousand Naira

Prices Of Steel Rod In The Nigerian Market

Steel rods come in different types and those types determine their prices. If you are wondering how much you’ll get steel rods in the Nigerian market today, below is how much they cost in the market today.

Types Of Steel RodsCurrent Nigerian Price
25 mm steel rod21,500 – 21,800
20 mm steel rod13,000 – 16,000
A piece of 16 mm steel rod8,500 – 9,000
A piece of 12 mm steel rod4,800 – 5,500
A 10 mm steel rod4,300 – 4,500
A 20 m of 3.5 mm BRC Mesh14,000 – 15,000
4.0 mm BRC Mesh17,000
25 m of 4.0 mm BRC Mesh25,000 – 27,000
One piece of 8 mm steel rod2,100 – 2,850

What To Know When Buying Concrete & Steel Rods In Nigeria

It’s important to be very careful when you are buying these building materials in the Nigerian market. If not, you can easily get cheated, and the result is that the products you’re given might not suit your building project. So, here are things to know when buying these items in Nigeria.

  • Buy concrete through a trusted source only
  • Make sure you inspect the concrete brought to you before making payment.
  • To avoid paying for the wrong item, only pay the part payment for concrete before seeing them.
  • Buy steel rods from trusted sources; if possible, let a welder or anyone experienced with irons and rods accompany you to avoid buying low-quality products.


Concretes and steel rods are an essential part of every building project. So, if you are building a house and unsure of their prices, this building material price list gives you an idea of how much you’ll get these items in today’s market.

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