How Much Is 9 Inches Block In Nigeria?: Prices & Other Important Things To Know About 9 Inches Blocks

Building blocks are one of the most essential parts of developing real estate. There’s practically not enough you can do without using blocks when building a house. They always come in handy and are necessary. Unfortunately, the prices of these blocks keep going up in Nigeria because of the constant increase in the raw materials used in molding them.

Many Nigerians cannot even exactly state how much they can buy building blocks at block industries in the country. While these prices are not stable, it’s important to know how much they could cost to help you draft a budget when you’re entering the market to buy blocks.

Below, you’ll find the prices of the 9-inch block in Nigeria and other things you should know about.

Different Types Of Blocks Used In Building Houses In Nigeria

There’s not only one type of block. There are various types of blocks for building houses in Nigeria. They are:

  • Crystal Glass Block
  • White Glass Block
  • Spanish Block Wall Tile
  • Clay Ventilation Block
  • Polystyrene Foam Block

Current Nigerian Prices Of 9-inches Blocks 

This is only a close estimate of what you’ll get these blocks in Nigeria. These are not exactly the actual prices considering the prices fluctuate regularly, and each block industry has its own prices. But, with this price, you’ll get a full idea of how much these blocks will likely cost in 2023.

The 9-Inches Ordinary Block

The 9-inch ordinary block is made of sand and cement only. This is the common block used for building by building contractors and bricklayers. The price of this type of block in Nigeria is between 300-400 Naira.

The 9-Inches Stone Dust Block

This type of 9-inch block is made with stone dust, and it is harder, lasts longer, and is more reliable and durable than the ordinary block. The price in Nigeria is between 350-450 Naira.

Is It Better To Buy Blocks Or Mold Your Building Blocks?

This is one important question every single Nigerian who starts to develop a real estate first asks. The reason is to know which option will be cheaper and not strain their pockets. However, there’s no definite answer to that since your choice is based on priority and the size of your pocket. 

Instead, here are the benefits of buying building blocks:

  • You have blocks for building available at all times
  • You don’t worry about the cost of hiring bricklayers
  • You don’t run the risk of damaged blocks
  • You save some cost in some areas

Meanwhile, here are the benefits of molding your building blocks:

  • You control the quality of blocks molded
  • You know the quality of blocks used in building your house
  • You don’t have to face an increase in the price of blocks


Blocks are essential when it comes to building a house. So, knowing their prices is equally as important. However, before buying blocks, find out if paying for blocks or molding yours is the best option.

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