How Much are Pit Latrines & water closets

Pit Laterines and water closets are important building materials every home or building requires. A building project is incomplete if it does not factor in the toilet and bathroom section of every building. How important pit latrines and water closets are to a building makes it an essential purchase when building a house. Most people even change their pit latrines and water closets when renovating their homes.

How much does this home building essential material cost in the market? How much can you buy a pit latrine or water closet if you enter the building material market in Nigeria? In this article, you’ll learn the current market prices of these building materials and other important things to know about them.

Price Of Pit Laterine In The Nigerian Market

In the Nigerian market, there isn’t a static price for most building materials because sellers often add their prices to their goods. But below is a comprehensive list of how much you’ll or will likely get these items in the market today.

Pit Latrine TypesCurrent Nigerian Prices
Very clayey red laterite20,000 -35,000
Clayey yellow-brown Laterite20,000 -32,000
Moderately clayey greyish Laterite20,000 -32,000
Fairly clayey red Laterite20,000 -32,000
Moderately clayey whitish Laterite20,000 -32,000
Fairly clayey brownish-yellow Laterite20,000 – 32,000

Price Of Water Closet In The Nigerian Market

Below is also a price guide for your water closet in the market. The prices might increase a bit compared to this, but you can use this during your price budgeting stage before entering the market. 

Types Of Water ClosetCurrent Nigerian Price
Twyford73,000 – 80,000
A & S55,000 – 62,000
Nismad61,000 – 77,000
Sweethome’s60,000 – 78,000
Virony75,000 – 85,000

Does The Price Of Buying Pit Laterines & Water Closets Include The Installation Fee?

Unfortunately, no. The price you will pay when you buy a pit latrine or a water closet does not include the installation price. In fact, the person you’ll be buying it from has no business with the installation, their concern is to give you quality products. 

You’ll need a separate plumber and bricklayer to do the installation work required. Sometimes, the plumber and bricklayer hang around stores where these items are sold. So, if you need one, you can check around the building material market. You can also ask the seller to recommend a few good ones.

Most importantly, you’ll pay the plumber and the bricklayer separately for their work. Their fee is not attached to the price of buying a pit latrine or water closet. It’s equally important you choose an experienced plumber for a good job. You don’t want to be fixing your toilet every single time. 


In general, the above price list is what you’ll likely get these items in the market today. Note that there might be slight increases, but, they won’t be too much considering these is the current market standard price. Also, try to buy from wholesalers if you can, it’s cheaper getting from them.

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