How Much Are Acrylic Paint In Nigeria 2023?

Painting is necessary for any building project. In fact, you won’t see the beauty of your work until you’ve painted the house. Paint brings extra layers of beauty to every home; as such, it’s an essential purchase you must make when building a house. 

While there are different types of paints in the market, this article focuses on one of them—Acrylic paints. Acrylic paints are either water or chemical-based and are becoming popular with painters today. With the popularity of Acrylic paints, many more people want to use acrylics in their homes. But have you considered how much this paint will cost you? 

This article shares the various prices of acrylic paints in Nigeria and other essential things about acrylic paint you must be aware of before you use them in your home. Keep reading to find out more.

Types Of Acrylic Paints And Their Prices

There are different colors of Acrylic paints, and their prices range depending on the particular color you’ll be buying. No two colors have the same price. So, below is the price list of these paints depending on the specific color you want them.

Types Of Acrylic PaintsCurrent Price In Nigeria
Acrylic Polyurethane Aluminum (1 Liter)12,671 Naira and above
Acrylic Polyurethane Black (1 Liter)10,607 Naira and above
Acrylic Polyurethane White (1 Liter)13,503 Naira and above
Acrylic Polyurethane Yellow (1 Liter)15,227 Naira and above
Acrylic Polyurethane Grey/Dark Grey (1 Liter)12,153 Naira and above

What Happens When You Use Acrylic Paints On Walls

Many painters are now recommending acrylic paints for buyers and home builders. Before now, many people used regular latex-based paints. Now, why are many switching from regular later-based paints to acrylic paints? Here are the reasons:

  • Acrylic paints possess a porous surface that clears moisture without releasing adhesions.
  • The paints are mixed with chemical additives that make them dry rapidly when applied to walls.
  • Acrylic paints are sun-resistant, meaning the painted walls’ colors don’t fade off easily.

Advantages Of Using Acrylic Paints 

What are some of the benefits you’ll gain when you use acrylic paints instead of using regular latex-based paints on your building’s walls? Here are the advantages of using acrylic paints.

  1. They are perfect for both indoor and outdoor home projects. There are some paints that, after buying them, you’ll realize that they only look good inside the home and not outside of it. That’s not acrylic paint. They match whatever surface they are placed on, whether inside or outside.
  1. They don’t take time to dry compared to oil-based paints. The biggest challenge with painting is that someone could easily spoil them if they are not dried up. But you’ll not have that challenge with acrylic paints as they dry off almost immediately after they are applied on any surface.
  1. They last longer due to the fact they are sun-resistant. So, the sun does not easily fade off these paints. One major benefit you’ll get from this type of paint is that you’ll not have to repaint your house continuously. Acrylics last longer, unlike regular latex-based paints, which are even washed off by rain.


There are different types of paints, but sticking to acrylic paints is a great option. They might be expensive when you first get them. But, they’ll last you longer than the cheaper options, which is actually a good investment in your home building project.

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