How Many Blocks Do You Need For A 3-Bedroom Flat In Nigeria?

Blocks are one of the very first things you start thinking about the moment you want to build a house. You want to know how many blocks you’ll need for certain areas of the house. How about knowing the total of blocks you’ll need for a 3-bedroom apartment in Nigeria?

We are using 3-bedroom homes as a case study because this is the typical home standard in Nigeria. It consists of a master bedroom and two other smaller rooms. We break it down below to help you determine how many blocks you’ll need for a project like this.

Keep reading this article to determine the number of blocks you’ll need to build a 3-bedroom apartment in Nigeria.

Number Of Blocks Needed For A 3-Bedroom Apartment In Nigeria

It will take approximately 2,650 blocks in Nigeria to build a typical Nigerian 3-bedroom apartment from the ground up. This includes the blocks used in the living room, the three medium-sized rooms, the toilets and bathroom, and the kitchen. 

Buying blocks for a 3-bedroom apartment in Nigeria will cost 662,500. If you want larger rooms, you’ll use up to 3032 blocks for the project. 

Also, note that the number of blocks we’ve mentioned is only for the main structure. It does not include the number of blocks used for the soakaway and the fence. 

Here are the areas that require blocks when you are building a 3-bedroom apartment:

  • The foundation stage
  • The German floor
  • The home structure

Note that buying blocks is one of many things you must worry about when building a 3-bedroom apartment. Other things to worry about include the following:

  • Cost of aluminum roofing sheets
  • Cost of cement & the number you’ll require
  • Cost of tiles
  • Cost of burglar proofs 
  • Cost of windows
  • Cost of plastering and painting
  • Cost of doors and locks

These are some exterior building costs you’ll also negotiate. It does not include the interior cost like:

  • Cost of wiring
  • Cost of decoration
  • Cost of curtains and other home needs

Building a 3-bedroom house from scratch will cost a lot of money in Nigeria. It’s important to take it one after the other and find ways to reduce cost while still getting quality.


The above number we listed is exactly the number of blocks required to use when building a 3-bedroom apartment in Nigeria. However, there are cases where blocks break or get stolen or need extra blocks.

So, when building a 3-bedroom apartment, have a rough estimate that you’ll require not more than 3,500 blocks for a medium-sized home. If you go for a more expansive home, the number of blocks will increase equally. Most people use up to 5,000 blocks for their 3-bedroom apartment project.

The reason could be because of the size of the rooms, extra rooms like dining area, storage room, or laundry room added to the main building structure. 

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