Cost Of Marble Tiles In Nigeria In 2023

Marble tiles are one of the most popularly known tiles you’ll find in Nigeria today. They come in beautiful designs, and it’s the dream of almost every home builder to use marble tiles instead of other types of tiles in their homes.

However, most Nigerians back away from Marble tiles because it’s considered expensive. This article breaks down the current cost of Marble tiles in Nigeria. Keep reading below to find out more.

About Marble Tiles

Marble tiles are among the most gorgeous, refined, and elegant tiles compared to other types of tiles. They are made from metamorphic rocks and are available in the market in various designs. They are used as either floor or wall tiles in homes as they add an extra touch to the look of a home.

One thing about Marble tiles is that they are durable and strong yet simple to clean, and their beauty and quality make them stand out. However, one major challenge people have with this type of tile is that they easily get scratched.

So, when you have them in your home, you have to ensure no hard objects go directly on the tile because they ruin the looks and design of the tile.

Here’s how much you’ll get this tile in Nigeria today:

Prices Of Marble Tiles In The Nigerian Market Today

Marble tiles are known for their elegant appearance; as such, their prices are based on the marble’s quality, color, and design. Due to the quality of this type of tiles, they are usually quite expensive in the market.

Below, we list the prices of Marble tiles you should know about in the Nigerian market.

Types Of Marble TilesCurrent Price In Nigeria
Bluepearl Marble 18,000 – 20,000 per square meter
Galactico Black Marble  600mm of 2cm thickness20,000
Italian Marble for Stairs24,000
Green pearl Marble18,000 per square meter
Cashmirwhite Marble15,000 per square meter
White Carrara Marble15,000 per square meter
Italian Majestic Brown Marble (Baltic)32,000 per square meter
The Shingle and Milano 2,850 per square meter
Black Galaxy 15,000 – 16,000 per square meter


Marble tiles elevate the look of any home they’re installed in better than other tiles. The only major challenge for most homeowners in Nigeria is the price of this type of tile. Regardless, if you can afford them, always go for Marble tiles. 

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