Building a roof in Nigeria? Find out the current 2023 prices for roofing wood materials

It’s not possible to complete a building project without making use of roofing woods. They are a necessary part of the home construction process. 

Woods are used to first create a structure for the aluminum frame that’ll be placed on top to cover the house. A very important thing to know is which type of wood will be best for your roofing project and their prices.

Below, you’ll find the prices of roofing woods and their various types of Nigeria. 

Prices Of Roofing Wood In Nigeria

There are different roofing woods in Nigeria and all of these roofing woods have their various prices. Depending on the one you want, you’ll find all their types and prices below. Keep reading to find out more. 

Afara PlywoodCurrent Nigerian Price
Three-quarter inch (1 sheet)5,500 – 6,500
Half inch (1 sheet)4,000 – 4,500
One-quarter inch (1 sheet 2,500 – 3,000
HardwoodsCurrent Nigerian Price
3 by 4 hardwood 550 – 650
2 by 6 hardwood500 – 600
2 by 5 hardwood400 – 500
2 by 4 hardwood 300 – 400
2 by 3 hardwood180 – 250
2 by 2 hardwood100 – 200
Softwood Current Nigerian Price 
2 by 4 by 12 softwood 650 – 750
2 by 2 by 12 softwood600 – 650
2 by 3 by 12 softwood540 – 590
1 by 2 by 12 softwood1,000 – 1,100
Obeche PlywoodCurrent Nigerian Price
Three-quarter inch (1 sheet)4,700 – 5,200
Half inch ( 1 sheet)3,500 – 4,000
One-quarter inch (1 sheet)2,200 – 2,600

Things To Consider When Choosing Roofing Materials For Your Home Project

Woods are not just the only materials you’ll be using when roofing your house. It’s just one of the materials. As such, you need to know the right materials to buy for roofing a house.

Below, you’ll find some of the things you should consider when buying roofing materials

  • Architectural Authenticity

Before starting the roofing, go back to the building plan to inspect the architectural design created. Majority of the time, the architect listed the type of roofing materials that’ll match the building’s design. Use it as guidance when buying materials. 

  • Weather Endurance

How well can the roofing materials you are buying endure under harsh weather conditions? This is a question you need to ask. It’ll help you determine the quality of roofing materials to be used, and hire the best roofing installation contractors to get the job done.

  • Strength & Durability

You wouldn’t want your home’s roof to suddenly get damaged. What causes this damage is poor quality materials that wear out. So, make sure you’re going for solid and quality roofing materials.

  • Cost of Materials 

Factor in the cost of these materials when you are budgeting. While it’s important you use quality materials, make sure your budget can carry the weight. Ensure to also make room for the fee that’ll be paid to those that will roof the home. 


The above-listed are the prices and the factors to consider when buying roofing wood and roofing materials. With this buying guide, you’ll be able to make smarter decisions that won’t cost you when buying your roofing wood and materials.

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