6 Best Types Of Gate Designs For Your Nigerian Home

Gates might not be the first thing that occurs to you when you’re thinking of home design, but it’s still one of the things that adds an extra touch of beauty to your home’s exterior look. Apart from the aesthetics, gates are primarily made for security, but having the best gate design improves the entire look of your home.

Gates can make a home look beautiful or dull. It all depends on the type of gate design you settle for. When buying gates for your new house project, it’s essential to consider the added look the gate brings to your house than just focusing on getting something for security purposes.

If you’re wondering what type of gate design you should select, note that there are different types of gate designs available, and they all bring their different touch to any house. Here are the six best gate designs you should consider using in your home.

Types Of Gate Designs To Use In Your Home

You can select several types of gate designs for your home, and we have helped you figure out the six best among all of them you can consider. They are:

  1. Steel Gate Design

Steel gates are very popular and are seen in many homes. They don’t only serve their security purpose but also make the home look beautiful. Steel gates give the most safety, and this is due to the fact that steel has an extremely solid and unyielding nature. Consider steel gates if you are looking for a quality gate that still adds beauty.

  1. Fenced Gate Design

Fence gates are built to align with the gate, which gives your house a finished appearance. This type of gate is mostly seen in high-rise neighborhoods in Nigeria. They are really solid, and they allow passersby to get a glimpse of the compound. Apart from this, they are a solid gate design and a unique beauty to the house.

  1. Ornamental Gate Design

If you want the most decorative charm, ornamental gates are your go-to option. They are made of iron or steel amd are embellished with intricate patterns, which makes the gate a beautiful look. 

Professionals make this type of gate, so if you want to make a gate like this, the best option will be to seek an expert in the field to do the crafting and necessary design work. 

  1. Aluminum Gate Design

This type of gate has one major benefit over other gate types: they are extremely strong and can withstand rust and other environmental conditions that often affect gates. If you need a gate that will enhance the look of your house while remaining neat for the longest time, then this is the type of gate you should consider placing in your home.

  1. Automatic Gate Design

Automatic gates are popular in Nigeria, but you mostly find them in the house of wealthy Nigerians. This type of gate is automatically controlled using an installed smart system that dictates when an object is coming close to the gate so it automatically opens. 

The interesting thing about automatic gates is that they are not just made with tech features or great for security reasons; they also make the home entrance look beautiful inside and outside.

  1. Single Gate Design

A single gate is a common type of gate you’ll also find in Nigeria. Most homeowners prefer this type of gate. For single gates, it rises or slide to the side with a single push of a button, allowing you to pass through the gate by car or on foot easily. Most automatic gates you’ll find in the country are also single gates.


There are so many different types of gates you can consider installing in your home. The ones listed above are the best types of gates that have good security and enhance the look of any home. They are also easily accessible in Nigeria.

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