2023 Water Tank Prices in Nigeria: A Look at the Cost of 1500L Tanks Across Different Brands and Materials

Having a water tank is essential in every home. It doesn’t matter if there’s a borehole in that home. It is essential for storing water, especially in areas where water is always scarce.

In Nigeria, both those who own boreholes in their homes and those who don’t have one use water tanks. These water tanks also come in various sizes, shapes, and brands. So before buying one, you’ll have to determine the size you want and then figure out the potential price of the tank. 

In this article, you’ll find out how much you can get 1500 liters of a water tank in Nigeria.

Price of 1500 Litres Water Tank in Nigeria

There are different types of water tanks in Nigeria, and their types and sizes determine their price. However, most people choose plastic water tanks as they are cheaper than other types. In Nigeria, the 1,500 liters water tank is one of the sizes many buy for their homes. 

The prices of these tanks change randomly in the market. But currently, the price of a plastic 1500L water tank is between N35,000 and N50,000, depending on where you buy it. This price is only based on estimation. Before buying, consult the market prices to be on the safe side. But use this price as a market guide to avoiding getting swindled in the market. If you are unsure of the possibility of getting it for a price within this range, consult people who have information about current market prices.

Where to Purchase 1500 Litres Water Tanks

There’s no shortage of places to buy a 1,500-litre water tank today. In the market, for instance, you’ll find a handful of sellers all selling various sizes, shapes, and types of water tanks. If you are unable to go to the market to purchase, you can either place orders with sellers in the market or other options include:

  • Placing orders from eCommerce online stores
  • Buying directly from online distributors

Technology has made it so easy that you no longer have to enter the market to buy certain things. Without visiting any physical store, you can check the prices of 1,500 liters online and place orders so they’ll be brought to your location. 

However, make sure you only buy from reliable and trusted online vendors to avoid issues like getting swindled, getting a poor-quality water storage tank, or not getting exactly what you have ordered. If you can’t find any reliable ones, you must still go back to physical stores in the building material market to buy them. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Water Storage Tank

Now that you know the potential prices of water storage tanks in the market, there are other things you need to know when buying a water storage tank. Remember, these tanks are of different sizes and types, and all of these will play a factor when you are deciding which of them to purchase. 

Some of the factors to consider when choosing a water storage tank include the following:

  • Consider the Number of People Using It

If you don’t want the water in your supposed storage tank finishing every day, then you have to consider the number of people that’ll be using this tank. A 1,500 liters storage tank will not be able to serve over 20 people for a long time. It could merely last days, but, if the intention is for a storage tank that stores water over weeks, then yoy must get one bigger than the 1,500 liters tank.

  • Consider Where to place the Tank

Where to place your tank is a huge thing to consider when you are buying a storage tank. You dont want it in a place that’ll obstruct the road. You also don’t want to drop it in a place where it can easily get broken (for the plastic ones). In that case, first decide where you’ll be keeping your storage tank that is safe for you, and can also accomodate the size with no issues involved.

  • Consider the Material

This is by far one of the most important things to consider. In the market, you’ll find different tanks made by different brands. Ensure you are buying a storage tank of quality as it’s something you’ll be needing for a long time. Avoid buying a low quality tank because it will easily get broken or spoilt. 

Most people prefer the iron tanks. But, they also come with their disadvantages. After a while, they rust and the water inside gets contaminated. The plastic ones are preferable. But make sure they are not of low quality. 


Water storage tanks are a necessity in almost evry Nigerian home, especailly considering how much we deal with light issues in the country. It’s essential for storing water. However, when buying, ensure you make a samrt decision to avoid buying a tank that’ll be of no great service to you.

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