2023 Prices Of Emulsion Paints In Nigeria & The Quantity You Need For Your House

Emulsion paints have been in existence for a very long time. However, many believe this type of paint is usually watery, which encouraged many to refrain from buying Emulsion paints. But, over time, there has been a significant improvement in the quality of Emulsion paints to meet up with modern-day house painting requirements.

With this improvement in Emulsion paints, many are gradually returning to buy Emulsion paints in the market. With this improvement in Emulsion paint quality, buyers don’t have to worry about using much of it before achieving their desired result. 

If you plan on trying out Emulsion paints for your current paint project, consider checking out the price list of Emulsion paints listed below. We have conducted market surveys to determine the current market price of Emulsion paints in Nigeria. Check below to find out more.

How Much Is Emulsion Paint In Nigeria?

The prices of paints are always increasing in the market. Paint is only one of the building materials experiencing this, though. The inflation in the country drives the prices of practically everything up. 

However, we’ve figured out the current market price of Emulsion paints. Currently, a 4 liters bucket of Emulsion paint is sold at ₦1,000 in the market. A 20 liters bucket of Emulsion paint is sold at ₦5,000 to ₦6,000 in the market today.

Should I Paint My Building Walls Or Tile Them?

The current spike in the price of paints in Nigeria is proving a challenge for home builders. Now, you’ll spend almost 75% of what it costs to plaster a house to paint that same house. It does not help that painting requires retouching occasionally.

Now, many homeowners contemplate whether or not they should go ahead and paint their houses or use tiles, especially for the exterior. In reality, tiles are a great option for the exterior of the house if you have the money. It’ll save you the future cost of repainting. However, those that cannot afford to use tiles stick to painting the exterior look of their house.

How To Know The Quantity Of Paint You Need 

Knowing the quantity of paint you need will help you save extra costs when buying paints for your building project. It’s not enough to determine the number by rough estimate because some paints require double or more coating before achieving the final result. While some are thick, the work is completely done with the help of a good paint primer.

While it can be hard for some builders to determine the quantity of paint they need during their house painting project, here are a few tips to assist you. They include:

  • Measure the building wall
  • Test run painting on that wall to know the level of thickness of the paint
  • Ensure the thickness and appearance of the paint measure up to your desired standard
  • Check and calculate the quantity of paint used in that particular building’s wall
  • Use the ratio formula to determine the quantity the remaining walls will require. For instance, if 4 liters is used for a wall measurement of 10 ft by 10, then a 10 ft by 10 ft wall size will require four buckets of Emulsion paint for an entire building.


The above article breaks down the current market price of Emulsion paint in Nigeria, whether painting or using tiles is cheaper, and how to determine the quantity of paint you need for your painting project.

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